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What’s the Best Browser to Use for WordPress Editing? | Wordpress Setup Site

What’s the Best Browser to Use for WordPress Editing?


Imagine having your WordPress website installed and ready for your content and customization.  You’ve read some of the tutorials on this site and other sites, and you’re raring to go.  You’ve entered in the text to your first post, and you want to add a picture to the post (because afterall, pictures make your posts look so much more interesting and add great SEO benefits).

So you upload the picture, click on the picture to edit it, and nothing happens.  You click again – nothing.  You refresh the page, and still you have the same problem.  What do you do?  Do you decide to take a break and eat some chocolate, like I do?  Or perhaps you need a glass of wine.

Well, if you want to save yourself the aggravation of this happening to you (and the extra chocolate calories), then you must use the FIREFOX browser for all of your WordPress editing.  Yep, that’s right.  Put away your Explorer, Safari, Chrome, or any other browser and download Firefox now if you don’t already have it installed on your computer.

Don’t ask me why the other browsers don’t work… does it really matter?  The point is, you will most likely experience problems editing your WordPress site if you use any other browser than Firefox.  And if you’re like me, you’ll want to avoid any added aggravation in your life, right?

** Note: WordPress sites can be viewed perfectly on all browsers. I’m talking about using Firefox for editing your WP site.

Besides the fact that Firefox works flawlessly with WordPress, you can also add extremely helpful (and free) tools to your Firefox browser called add-ons.

Here are my favorite Firefox add-ons:

1. Firebug. This is a very powerful tool which allows you to click on any part of your website, and it displays the html and css code for that text or area that you’ve clicked on.  This is extremely helpful if you’re trying to edit the CSS code for your site to change the properties of a font, link, background, etc. and you can’t figure out what part of the code to change.  This add-on will not only tell you where that code is, but you can edit that piece of code and view the changes on your site to confirm that is the change you want before you actually edit the actual css file.  This is a must have for anyone wanting to customize their wordpress site but doesn’t know much about css code… it will save you hours of searching through code and possibly destructively making changes to your site.

2. Colorzilla. This add-on makes it easy to find the hex code for any color on any website.  You simply click on the little eyedropper tool in the bottom left hand corner of your browser and then click the eyedropper on any part of a website, whether it be text or an image, and it will give you the RGB and Hex code for that color.  An example for when you might use this is when you’re trying to match a link color to your background or your logo.  No need for Photoshop or any other design program to find your colors!

3. Wordtracker Plugin for Firefox This add-on is a free keyword research tool from Wordtracker that is found in the left sidebar of your browser window when activated.  You simply type in a main keyword and up pops up to 30 results with the daily search amount.  You can then choose which of these keywords you’d like to use in your post, and it will keep track of the amount of times you use that keyword in your post.  Very nifty!

4. SEO Quake. This add-on will give you a ton of information on any webpage you’re looking at.  What I mostly use this for is when I’m trying to find high PR pages to link to on my sites (Google loves it when you link out to high PR sites).  I’ll let you click on the link to discover all this tool has to offer.

5. FireFTP.  This add-on gives you the ability to FTP files to your site or from your site directly within the Firefox browser.  So there’s no need to open a separate program such as Filezilla for this task.  It also saves all of your log-in info for any site/account you set-up.

The moral of this story is to always use Firefox when editing your WordPress site, and you should be a happy camper!

Do you have any other comments or add-ons that you like to use in Firefox?  Please add them in the comments below.

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5 Responses to “What’s the Best Browser to Use for WordPress Editing?”

  1. Petra Gallati 06. Sep, 2011 at 9:59 am #

    This was refreshing. I needed I could analyze every post, but i’ve got to travel back to work now… However I’ll be back.

  2. Ty 24. Dec, 2011 at 10:10 pm #

    Thank you for this valuable information. I was having a hard time editing my website and I thaught, I wonder could it be Internet Explorer that’s giving me so much headache? Google lead to straight to you. Answered all my questions. Firefox here I come. Keep up the good work. ;)


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